Products and Services

Maria offers a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. All facials are done with original Hungarian methods and products using traditional Hungarian recipes.


Seasonal facials using fruits and vegetables applied with oxygenating serum and herbal peel - $125

Quail egg lecithin anti wrinkle Facial with hot basalt stone and mineral rinse - $120

Traditional cleansing, hand extracting Facial w/hot herbs and minerals includes neck & decolletage - $110

Triple layer peach paraffin Facial w/fruit masks,sprout oil hot bulb ironing-excellent wrinkle treatment - $130

Facial with herb infused sheet mask and LED light treatment - $160

Hydrotherapy facial, Turgor exerciser cold bulb treatment, seasonal fruit and vegetable bio peel mask - $125

Heat therapy for under nourished mature skin with chlorophyll mask and vitamin infusion - $130

Rebuilding treatments w/ vitamin C and Q10 enzymes, Sorb tree amino acid and collagen - $130

Dermabrasion for pigmentation & acne scars with:               

-Sugarcane Glycolic acids -15-25-35%                                   $150
-Skin Polish, Bio Peel, and Herbal Peel                                  $155
-Hydro dermabrasion treatment                                           $175

   All facials are 1-1/2 to 2 hours long and include skin polishing,
an enzyme and herbal peel, and hand extraction

Acne Treatments

   Specialized treatments for all Seborrhea and acne skin includes:

-Consultation, heat therapy, and hand extraction

-Dietary and skin instruction

-Home maintenance program

-Natural products (yogurt enzymes, yeast extract, vitamin B, bee propolis, sugarcane serum, magnetic iron and herb mask)                          $65-100



Eye Care

 Eye lash tint (lasts up to 4 weeks)                                                 $30

Eye brow design tint and conditioning                                           $20

Nail Care

Buffing Manicure w/natural sheep skin and cream                         $17
              Pedicure with volcanic stone and oil treatment                             $55-70


 Eye, lip, and chin                                                                          $16
 Face                                                                                            $75

 Full leg                                                                                         $55
 Half leg                                                                                        $35

             Full arm                                                                                       $50                         Half arm                                                                                       $35                                                                                                            
Under arm                                                                                       $30


      Student & Senior Citizen Discounts