About Maria Sabla
skincare is Maria's passion. Born and raised in Hungary, she has been in the skin and body care business for over 35 years. Maria has always considered skin and body care to be an art and part of our health and wellness. During her time in Europe, she perfected her training at some of the best spas in Europe.

Maria is a Wellness Spa Therapist with a two-year degree in Dermatology Sciences. Part of her training in Hungary included making lotions, creams, and customized treatments for problem skin such as rosacea, acne problems, and pigmentation. 

In Budapest, Maria studied with Flora Bodor, who has published several books on the subject. In 1982, Maria moved to Vienna to study with Edith Pichler, a well known Herbologist, under whom she expanded her knowledge of herbal beauty treatments.
Maria then spent a year and a half in Austria and Germany, where she perfected her traditional Swedish massage and French Effleurage technique. Maria continued her education in the US after she moved here in 1983, studying for 2 years with Pauline Sasaki. Pauline was internationally regarded as a teacher and Master of Zen Shiatsu, having been published extensively and has contributed to bringing Zen Shiatsu massage to popular awareness in Europe and North America over the last four decades.

With all of these specialty treatments and home remedies, she helps her clients stay well and beautiful

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